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Apr 30, 2017
Nazareth pa
Hey guys I'm glad I found you all as I always try to keep my pool in good shape every year but last year it got away from me . And yes the pool store took me to the cleaners !!!

A neighbor came over and cleared it up in about 2 1/2 days minimal chemicals.

Just open my pool today and this is the first year that it is green. I think what happened is the cover is old and a lot of the leaves on top decomposed over the winter and summer that went inside the pool .

I'm just filling it up as we speak in want to know how to start to get this thing turned around. I'm just in the process now of getting the filter hooked up .

I'm also open to a good chemical tester because in the past I just use the sticks and would really like a little more knowledge about how to keep it sparkling clear !

There any steps I can do today besides starting the filter up and maybe Shocking it for the first time ?

Thanks a lot and I look forward to learning from everybody!

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Welcome to TFP! :wave:
I'm also open to a good chemical tester
This is priority #1. You cannot clear the green algae without knowing (or posting here) your own accurate test results. We recommend one of two kits: The TF-100 (Link below) or Taylor K-2006C. Since you have algae, I'd recommend the TF-100 XL option. If you get the K-2006, get the 2006 (C) version which has larger bottles. That HAS to be step #1.

In the meantime, sweep, brush, and remove any bulk material from the water. Also read the SLAM page (link below) to become familiar with the SLAM process used to remove algae. Avoid the pool store like the plague unless you want to loose money fast. We'll show you the way with proper at-home testing.

Nice to have you with us.

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Oh, don't forget to update your signature with all of your pool equipment. :)

Matty j

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Apr 30, 2017
Nazareth pa
Thanks. I will order tonight. I am used to using those test strips but I will purchase what you guys recommend since you are a professionalS.

I will sweep tomorrow I got the filter started tonight . Can I buy the test kit locally or should I just get online to purchase quickly ?

I definitely love learning from experts and can't wait to have a crystal clear pool !!

Where do I post once I get all my readings ? Are there directions with this kit that will tell me everyteadingI need ?


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Jan 6, 2010
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Only a very few people here are professionals. Despite the little badge, I wouldn't even consider myself an expert on pools. But back to your questions.

For testing, don't mess around. If the local pool store has a Taylor K-2006 in stock, that will work. I would bet long odds that they won't, but that they'll try to sell you a K-2005 which is not the same. So beware. You can read Pool School - Test Kits Compared or save time and head to and get a TF100 and the XL option. I love my speedstir and would never give it up, but if money's tight, you can do without it. Or ask for it for Father's Day or something.

The kit has instructions, or you can read Pool School - Extended Test Kit Directions or watch videos

You can post here or start a new thread if you need help interpreting results.
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