Newbie with shopping and planning questions.


May 29, 2021
So we decided last February to get an AGP in our backyard. Had a local (Maryland) pool installer give us a quote and we started shopping for pools (resin 21' or 24' round or 15x30 oval). We planned on a SWG at some point. Then COVID hit and we put everything on hiatus. Well, it's now June 2021 and we are restarting the project. The local pool installer doesn't have openings until Sept but there are plenty of pools in stock (local and online).

A few questions about the process since I am acting as the GC.
1. When should I have the electrical run to the filter area? Before or after the install? There will be a 40' trench dug for the line. Before install can cause issues with the leveling and if I wait until after do I just run the filter with an extension cord?
2. Any opinions on The Pool Factory or other online dealers?
3. When should I order the pool? Now and store it in my garage (not ideal) or wait until a few weeks before the start date (hopefully Sept)?
4. My county has a anti-siphon valve requirement. Can I just install a ASSE 1011 Hose Connection Vacuum Breaker for $10?



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Jul 21, 2013
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