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Oct 29, 2020
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So...I’ve been reading on here for a few days to try and figure out my problems. Finally decided to just jump in and ask for help before I make things worse.

First time pool owner, build complete in July.“Pool school” showed me how to measure pH/chlorine and put tricolor tabs in the feeder. Shock periodically with dichlor.

Well I’ve been doing this religiously and my FC has been at 4. Then I noticed when I brushed the pool what we think is mustard algae. FC of 4. So after a little research dumped a ton of dichlor shock in. Twice. Pool still slightly cloudy.

Now too late did my research. Here is the issue:
CYA 160!!! (Diluted by 50% to see)
FC 26
CC 0.5
TA 125
PH 7.6

So no more pucks and dichlor. Also have “yellow out” on hand. But not sure if I should add the 8 gallons of bleach to slam with CYA so high or just use yellow stuff and add back in chlorine.

Could use some sage wisdom here. We are on well water so draining and refilling not really an option. (Just paid $2000 to have water trucked in 🥴)

Water right now is clear on greenish side and seems stable but not right. Cleaned filter out this weekend after shocking.Brushing and vacuuming daily. Thanks for any help you can provide!!!


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Welcome to the forum!
PLEASE DO NOT use the Yellow out stuff. It is normally sodium bromide and converts your pool to a bromine pool. You do not want that.
It sounds like you need to drain a significant percentage of your pool to lower the CYA to 50 or below.
Read Draining - Further Reading to start determining the best way to do that.
I suggest you read ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry.
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