Newbie to Somebie?


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Aug 24, 2020
Hello Everyone,
I stumbled upon this forum through a post of Richard Sears and his automation of his pool. After owning a house with pool for two years, spending a lot of money on a lot of stuff trying to get the pool stable, making a LOT of mistakes, here Im eager to learn more. With so many trees around the house and an open air pool, this was the toughest to do. After a long long time, finally the pool is stable and swim-able

Pool Details: 18000 gallon inground
VGreen 1.65HP Variable Speed Motor
Hayward Catridge Filter
CMP PowerClean Ultra 40K Saltwater system
Rickety old mechanical timers
Dolphin S300i Pool Robot
Non working sand-filled pool drain (long story..for another post)

Im working on a pool automation with Arduino and link it to Homekit through HASSIO. I will post more questions and my learnings on future posts. Definitely interested in learning more from here. Thanks in advance.

If there are specific sub-forums that I should subscribe around automation, please do mention.