Newbie steeing up Intex 18x9 with well water in SoCal for my dogs-dock diving


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Mar 13, 2017
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Hi- this is my first post. I researched this forum but did not find the answers/guidance I was seeking.

I'm planning for the set up of my new-to-me Intex 18x9 ultraframe for my dogs to train and practice dock diving (I have 2 Dock Diving National Champions and 2 just water loving swimmers but not jumping into water yet).

I'm a complete pool newbie! HELP!! If anybody is local and willing to help I have plenty of free range chicken eggs from my spoiled girls or I can train your dogs in agility or nose work or basics! :puppy

Preparing the ground-
I have hard pack desert arid ground, nothing grows unless water which I worry about water splashing and things growing around, under and ghast- through the liner into the pool. I'm not sure how to level such a large area. I'm not sure if I need anything beyond 2 HD tarps that Costco sells as ground cover under the pool. Any concerns about critters setting up home under the pool? Toads...snakes...scorpions?

Well water-
I have no idea how/what to test my well water for before filling the pool. Or how to test and maintain it for the safety of my dogs. I'm not a swimmer so I will rarely be in it except for some training and maybe dipping my toes in it while enjoying a cold beverage when the house AC cant cool the house in the very warm days. I know when I filled the toy hauler with the well water is did get the very sulfur smell. Otherwise I don't notice any smells etc in my faucets. I only drink and cook with bottled water.

Used Sand Filter-
Do I need to and how do I sanitize the sand filter? It was purchased used and the previous owner drained the pool then disconnected the filter. They only had the pool filled 1/2 way for 4 months he said (the wife said kids too little and she did not want a pool).

Pool cover-
I'm in an extraordinarily windy area and smack dab between active horse boarding facilities with dirt, sand and arena dust constantly blowing and settling on my property. What kind of cover would stay on in intense winds (50 mph) and gusts (80 mph)? And keep out the most contaminants? Suggested places to buy covers are welcomed!!

This pool was sold at Costco in 2015- I have all the original parts and extra "stuff" the previous owner had for the pool. It's been sitting folded longwise and in the intense SoCal desert sun through last summer- will it still be ok to use?

I enjoyed what I've read so far but overwhelmed by the abbreviations/acronyms etc. I will be learning a new language!!


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Jul 10, 2012
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Re: Newbie setting up Intex 18x9 with well water in SoCal for my dogs- dock diving

Hi! I will help for a price! PICTURES of the dogs!!! LOL

I am going to start with a link to help you learn about what we do with the water: Pool School - ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry This will help you learn the language LOL

Site prep-This is the number one thing for the safety of your dogs. Will need to done by hand OR hire someone to do tractor work. We dig down the high spots. Do NOT build up the low spots!!!! There are many videos and such to help with this. Y-tube has many. I will let you do a search for find the one that works best for you.

-Sand filter-Here is a link to how to do a deep clean: Deep Cleaning a Sand Filter

-Well water-take a sample down to a pool store and ONLY get a metal test done. IF they push to test everything else let them BUT ignore everything they say PLEASE.

-taking care of water-you will need to get your own test kit. Look in my siggy below to find the best bang for the buck test kit. It has more of the regents we use on a daily basis. yeah I know the pool store will test for free but they are in business to sell stuff will not really be free :roll:

-How to care for the water. Here is a link to what we use to care for our water. Most of it can be bought at Walmart! Pool School - Recommended Pool Chemicals

-cover for the pool-those are some brisk winds. I don't have any advice as I do not cover BUT have seen where people have made rollers to roll the cover up when in use but how to hold it on in that wind will be tricky! We will work on that later.

I sure hope it is still good after sitting for so long but there is really no way to tell until you are ready to put it up :(

Let us know what you decide to do after reading this.

:hug: This will be fun to see!



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Mar 13, 2017
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Re: Newbie setting up Intex 18x9 with well water in SoCal for my dogs- dock diving

Thanks for the reply and info...
lol took me 2 days to figure out why I couldn't reply- I wasn't signed in. And I realized I probably didn't post this in the right place and noticed I somehow missed the main board with the water testing and set up questions sections. I'm a Newbie to online forums too! Sitting inside on the computer is not my thing...will review the links sooner than later. Rain predicted for Mon-Tue so maybe I'll be able to collect some for the pool...who am I kidding, doubt I'll get a mayo jar full of rain.

Yep, I know from working in foundation build and repairs to dig out vs build up. In the desert the build up settles even if you think you compacted it enough. Then there's those earthquakes that settle the ground a bit more every shakeup...

2015 ADD National Championships- 3 National Champions! Ribbons bigger than the dogs lol.
This is Troublina (ACD x Lab), Adelaide (ACD x ASTCD, my $11k rebuilt but still kickbutt everything dog, will be 4 in June, I trained from a pup) and Roscoe (ACD x Lab foster failure, former hoarder puppy, just turned 3).
My foster pup I had from birth and trained myself, Troublina was a dock diving and lure coursing and agility superstar. However- she was a dock diving PHENOM!! Only 10 mths old here (started her at 8 months) and already jumping 22' and launching bigger and farther every jump- I wish I would have kept her but she went to a home with a playful BC and family that did some agility and had a house and boat on a lake. She is no longer competing though...what an amazing once in a lifetime girl!!
ADD 2015 National Champions.jpg

This is the current crew- 2 that love and like the water I want to see if they have the drive and would enjoy dock diving. Opie (Red, bottom right), Best Friend (Deaf, bottom left), top dogs on the rock, Nat'l Champs & water wh!res - Roscoe & Adelaide (aka Deedle) :puppy
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