Newbie questions - Lake water fill - first pool


Jun 1, 2021
I set up the pool and filled with lake water.
I don't know the chemistry of the lake water.
The pool filled in about a day and the water is brownish/yellow.
I used 3lbs of Utikem One Shot Pool Shock. 1lb is supposed to be good for 10k gallons, I have about 15k.
I also added some algaecide and chlorine stabilizer.
I circulated the shocked water for 12 hours, then turned the valve to filter mode and filtered for the past 36 hours.
The water is clearing "slightly" as in I can now see the bottom of the pool (barely).
My pressure increased slightly, but I am still in "the green". The pump manual says to backwash/rinse when the pressure hits yellow.
My TF 100 test kit is on order but has not arrived yet.
I tested the water after the initial shock using a test strip I use for my hot tub. Picture.
I tested the water again today (36 hours after initial shock) and the results are in this picture.
Picture of water in pool pre-shock. (I removed all the floating debris before shocking- skimmer on order).
Picture of water in pool 36 hours after shock.
Picture of water in a bowl 36 hours after shock.

My questions are:
Should I have done anything differently?
Do I do another shock or should I just start bringing the chlorine level up?
How long do I wait (between tests) before adding more chlorine/shock treatment?
How long should I leave the pump/filter running? Until the water is clear? Will it hurt my pump to run it constantly (for several days)?
Anyone have experience cleaning water this discolored? Just curious how long it takes to clean it up.
I have a water transfer pump that I used to fill the pool from the lake. I'm thinking of using it to circulate the pool water through a "whole house" filter. Something I can set up temporarily to help clean up the water. Any words of advice on this? I was thinking a filter of 5 microns or less might help clean things up a bit faster than the sand pump.



Jun 1, 2021
Thanks for the reply.
I read up on the ABCs and SLAM process.
I'll start the process once my test kit arrives - which should be in the next day or two.
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May 29, 2019
Good job on ordering the kit. The problem with the test strips is you have to compare them at the exact point in time as specified. If you take a picture of a strip 30 seconds later the results could be darker. IE they aren't very accurate. You will be amazed at how much more accurate a good FAS-DPD testkit is!!

I would hold off on adding anything except 5 PPM of LC until your kit arrives. Now that you added stabilizer I'd be careful with powered/solid chlorine since those continue to add stabilizer. If you get your stabilizer too high then you are looking at a drain and fill (probably not what you want!).

Once you SLAM and kill all the algae, it will be a matter of your filter filtering everything out.
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