Newbie questions about increasing circulation, need for skimmer and auto cleaner

May 30, 2020
Miami, FL
Hello peeps,
I’ve had my pool for 2 months now and am still in love! Thanks for all your help with maintenance and chemical information. 🙂
I now have the following question:
1) how can I increase circulation so that the pump/filter works better?
2) can I get an automatic cleaner (that won’t break the bank) if I only have a 0.48HPpump?
3) should I add a skimmer to the mix? If so, recommendations?
Thanks in advance!
You guys are amazing!!!
Miami, FL
May 30, 2020
Miami, FL
Honestly, if there is room in the budget, I think my first step would be a better pump/filter.
I’m guessing that the sand filter is good enough just not sure how big the pump needs to be.
How do I determine what size pump? 1HP? 2HP? 3HP? I’m sure there’s a point where it just costs more to run. Any suggestions?


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Jul 3, 2013
Fletcher, OK
Susan, You would need the intex skimmer and that would help you a bunch... As far as a robot it may be overkill for your size pool as the robot probably costs just as much as your pool did.. about 600 to 700 dollars... I would probably just get a good vacuum and call it a day...

This would be the next size pump you could get but it is only a 1 speed, a 2 speed is better...