Newbie question about valve actuator settings


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May 12, 2012
Elk Grove, CA
Brand new pool and the equipment hasn't been programmed yet (intellitouch i7+3- I've just had the filter pump running 24x7 so far to filter out plaster dust, etc). This is a pool+spa with shared equipment.

What I am trying to understand is what valve setting combinations I will use at different times:
#1 Intake from pool, return to pool, spa water is left alone
#2 Intake from spa, return to spa, pool water is left alone (its clear to use this when we are heating/using the spa)
#3 Intake from the pool, return to the spa (spa spills over back into the pool)
#4 Intake from the spa, return to the pool (spa is emptied)

#2 is clearly only used when we are using the spa. For filter cycles, I assume I need to use #3, but I also need some time with the pool returns on (#1). For now, I just have the return valve manually set halfway so water is returned both to the pool and spa (intake from pool), but as far as I can tell this cannot be automated.

Also, how do these map to the 4 valve states in the intellitouch (pool, spa, fill, drain)?

I am going to get help from our pool designer to program, but I want to understand this myself.