Newbie question about pool covers


Jun 19, 2010
Just installed AGP a couple of weeks ago. The deck should be completed this week. I need some advice on pool covers for when I close the pool. My deck will be completely around the pool. I was wondering how I was going to hold the cover down. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




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Jul 10, 2007
Northern NJ
Not sure if you are leaving a gap between the pool and the deck, say 3"-4", or if you will have the deck under the rails, but you can also try the cover clips. Not sure where you are located, but frost heave could be an issue if you are in a cold location and the extra room may be needed.


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Mar 29, 2007
Coastalish 'down easter'
What kind of cover are you planing on getting (safety or regular solid tarp type?)

The solid cover can be held down by watertubes. They make safety cover anchors that can be installed in a wood deck, or also make 'clip on' anchors for aluminum decks. :cool:

:goodjob: on thinking ahead, instead of waiting for the snow to fly to think about your winter cover! :cheers:
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