Newbie pH / SWG questions


Nov 26, 2020
Placerville, Ca
In regards to pH in the pool in my signature that is unattended for a week or 2,
  1. If no acid is added to the pool, will the pH eventually stabilize at a higher pH that is acceptable for a short time or will it rise and rise to a dangerous level?
  2. Can I lower the pH below recommended levels beforehand to "ride through" a couple weeks of no acid?
  3. Besides acid injection or CO2, are there slow release tablets or something to manage pH for a short time?


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Jul 3, 2013
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You can throw in a floater with 3 inch tabs that will add some CYA, keep your PH lower (tabs are acidic) and add extra chlorine while you are gone... when you come back remove the floater and you are good to go..

Before you leave drop your PH to 7

TFP is all about knowing what to put into your pool and how to use it.. 3 inch pucks are perfect for vacations/ short term...
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