Newbie - needing help with just about everything

Hi lovely, helpful people :)

I bought an AGP last summer as we had a heatwave in the UK and we all went slightly crazy. We did enjoy it but it was not entirely a success. This year I want to do better and hope you will help me.

What I have:
- Steel sided AGP with hang over liner
- 3.60m round, 0.90m high (9500 litres/2100 gallons)
- In wall skimmer, basket in the top, filter underneath (came with the pool)


The Skimmer/Filter/Pump does virtually nothing. This could be down to the pump either not being powerful enough OR because I had it running from an extension lead from the house (I did buy an adequate extension lead and the pump was NEVER running when we were using the pool or out of the house or overnight). I have an electrician lined up to run a 'proper' set up into the garden this year...but what will I need?

Ideally I would like to have this pool with the following:
- in wall skimmer basket ASAP
- filter (cartridge or maybe sand) ASAP
- salt water system (as it sounds simpler than using lots of chemicals) ASAP
- air source heat pump (like the look of Hot Splash) EVENTUALLY

- is the pump that came with the pool any good? (I think I know the answer already...)
- up front costs v running costs (we have some small savings but do not have much disposable income each month)
- ideally I want to be able to use the pool May thru to September
- i will need to learn to plumb the whole lot in (and maintain)

Thanks so much in advance,




Sep 19, 2018
Battle Creek, MI
First of all, you're off a bit on your gallonage. 9,500 liters would be more like 2,500 gallons. Secondly, that seems like a pretty small pool -- roughly 12 feet in diameter and 3 feet deep. Does that sound right? And yes, those skimmer/filter combos are not exactly robust! Is there a gallon/minute or hour rating for the pump? Whether you ultimately wind up with a cartridge or sand or D.E. filter, it's all about turning over the pool water capacity and keeping it balanced.
Sorry for taking ages to respond - thank you both for your replies :) .

I have managed to find some info regarding the flow rate: 2,200 litres/hour (which I think converts to approx 485gallons/hour). Having done a bit of reading here, it seems that this is not nearly fast enough :LOL:.

Been looking at some options online and am considering either an Intex Cartridge Filter or an Intex Sand Filter (I think both can come with a build in pump...).

I would need a new in wall skimmer too. Any recommendations welcome...?

Also, I would like to get a Hot Splash air source heater. Do I need to consider this when buying a pump included with the filter?

Thank you in advance!!


Sep 19, 2018
Battle Creek, MI
This is what I put on mine. Look around for the dimensions of the opening required on this one or others to see if you can find one with the same cutout as you already have.

Yeah, that flow rate is pretty inadequate, barely more than a garden hose. Sand or cartridge shouldn't be too much work for that size pool, depending on external environmental factors like trees and blowing dirt that might get into your pool.