newbie: love the forum, a few questions?


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Jun 4, 2008
Hello, I really have found a great deal of info on this forum but have some problems with my newly set up pool. I have an inground pool with about 2473 gallons. It is an intex pool with metal supports. I have well water and have filled it up and bought a good tester kit as recommended on this forum. My initial numbers were of course... no chlorine. way high total alkilinity (300) and ph usually above 8.0. I have added muriatic acid 2x about 2 cups each time and waited 24 hours and ph is still high. When I test cya I fill it up to the amount to be tested and the tester kit says it should be cloudy and I fill it all the way to the top and I can still see the black dot. I am not sure what number to put in on the pool calculator. The water is very clear and nice but want to make sure to keep things in check.. Some input would be greatly appreciated... By the way.. today is the second time I swam in the pool and it was awesome ....Make sure and enjoy the pools we take so much time keeping up!!!!! Thanks in advance for the input.-Rusty


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May 26, 2007
You need to reduce the TA by about 150ppm or so (this varies though). You can start by adding about 26oz of MA (in 3 steps measuring after each addition of MA). This will drop your pH to around 7.0 and also TA. Once stable then you can aerate to increase the pH. You want the pH to settle in at around 7.5. Repeat this process until the desired TA is achieved. You say it's above 8 but that's where most test kits stop reading so who knows how high it really is.

As far as your CYA levels you don't have any if you can still see the dot. Start by adding 10oz then once dissolved remeasure and add from there. THis will also lower your pH slightly. Don't do all of this at once. Get the TA where you want it and then go from there.


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May 7, 2007
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I wouldn't add more than 2 cups of muriatic acid at a time. You can retest the PH as soon as half an hour after adding acid with the pump running and repeat as needed till the PH gets below 8.0.