Newbie Introduction


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Jul 17, 2019
SW Oklahoma
Hi everyone, I'm Linda from SW Oklahoma and recently had a 15,000 gallon Fiberglass pool installed to include Ozone and UV system with a Variable Speed Pump.. It took forever to install with a 10-foot tall retaining wall due to a sloped lot. It's finally done and looks beautiful to include an outdoor bathroom (highly recommended). I've named it Crown Town because many of my friends and I enjoy a little Crown Royal cocktail as we lounge. Going from hanging at the lake to the pool has been a refreshing change! Learning all about pool water testing, cleaning, and just trying to get it right is my mission. I purchased a Taylor K-2006 Test Kit after purchasing a LaMotte ColorQ Pro 7. They have differences, and differences at the pool store. It's quite challenging to learn which to trust the most. Right now, I'm leaning toward the Taylor K-2006. Hoping to learn more here from those more experienced than myself.