Newbie: I Just started looking into bldg. Pool


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Apr 10, 2008
I am in the initial stage of pool research. I have heard concrete, vinyl & fiberglass are my options. Pricing for concrete and maintenance on this has almost excluded concrete option and I don't know much about the difference in Vinyl vs. Fiberglass. Any assistance is appreciated! I am also considering a salt water system. (I can't seem to get any straight answers out of pool builders re: pricing...feel like I am dealing w/car lot or something)

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Feb 26, 2008
that is a tough question
i think if you line up 5 different pool guys and ask the same question you will get 5 different answers
so here is my opinion
i like vinyl (i have one)
love the salt system put on on my pool 3 years ago and the water is just so nice and feels so good
again its all opinion but i do know this when its 85 deg. outside any clean pool will do


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May 7, 2007
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Fiberglass is only available in a limited selection of sizes and shapes. because of the need to be transported from the factory. Custom fiberglass is possible but much more difficult/expensive. Vinyl comes in standard sizes/shapes but is also readily available in any custom size/shape you want. Fiberglass installs more quickly/easily. Fiberglass is more prone to metal staining.


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Mar 31, 2008
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You may want to do some research online and talk to anyone locally that you can that has any experience with pools. I thought I wanted fiberglass, and decided on vinyl after looking into it. I was just too scared that the fiberglass may 'pop out' of the ground after researching...but I'm sure a properly installed one should be fine.
My PB has years & years of experience and a good reputation, I did pay more for his work, but he worked with us, didn't argue with every request we had and did a great job. He put footers down (larger than called for) to anchor the steel walls of the pool, and from everything I can tell, he did excellent work.
You may want to talk to people who have had work done from various local PB's, that's what sold us on our choice. We did interview 3 prospects, but he was willing to work with us on what WE wanted, and offered suggestions and explanations as to why he thought some ideas were better than others.
Good Luck!


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May 30, 2007
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Hi Rowdy and Welcome to TFP!

Hang in there, you will be getting more opinions on the pool selection!

BTW, what's your part of the country?

Good luck on your search and keep us posted :)


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Apr 27, 2007
HI Rowdy...I can comment on fiberglass and a liner I have had both. First I would like to say both pools will meet the needs of your family very well and bring great memory's. With the liner pools you will have to replace the liner over the years and it probably will not be a DIY project. Sometimes you will have to put the liner back in the track. If you have to drain you will end up with wrinkles in the liner. With the glass pool you will have to get the size and shape of pool from your dealer that is made at the factory. With the liner there is more costum things that can be done to fit your yard. I think from both pools the glass pool is the least maintenance. The only problem with the glass pool is metal stains( I have a well) and you learn how to deal with this problem. I like the glass pool better from my experience between both pools, it is less work. May I suggest You look at your age and how long you would stay in the place you are in. If you are young and plan on staying in that place less then 15 years you might want to go with the liner pool. If you are over 40 and plan on staying at that place for a long long time I would go with a glass pool. As far as floating anything can float including your septic tank if it is empty. Again I would like to say I enjoyed both pools very much and as I get to my senior years I am very happy with the glass pool. Rowdy it is a tough decision and money will be part of it. The best decision would be to go with a installer you have checked and checked and checked.
good luck
Ric W. :-D