newbie----how do I know when alagae is gone and I can let FC


Jun 16, 2012
I posted on this site last week and thanks for all the help I received in getting my shocking process correct. I think I am almost there as the pool is clearing up, still a little cloudy, but can pretty cleary see bottom drain at 8'. My info and questions are as follows

- my FC is at 12
- my cc is at 0
- my cya is at 50-60
- my over night FC (oclt) did not drop more than .5

- Is the little bit of green I am seeing on my filter dead algae?
- should I soak my filter as per the commets in the filter section or will the high levels of FC and my everyday filter cleaning do the job?
- when do I stop the shocking and filter cleaning process


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Jan 6, 2010
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Re: newbie----how do I know when alagae is gone and I can le

Keep it up - you're sooooo close! Shock level for 60 CYA is 18, get FC up there for another day at least.

There is in inverse relationship to this - the last little bit takes a lot longer than the first huge changes. Toss any pool toys or tools in the pool while you're at shock level. Scrub the less obvious places, like inside the skimmer, maybe pop the light out and clean the niche behind it.

Really, you're almost done, don't slack off and coast. Consider that the last bits of green you have are the hardier strains of algae; they've survived how many days of mega-chlorine?

You'll know when you passed "the water is clear" part. It will be clearer than you ever thought possible. And once you're there, it's simple to keep it that way.