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Aug 6, 2019
North Carolina
Welcome to TFP! :wave: Tell us more about your pool and equipment by updating your signature. Maybe we can give you some options to saving a few bucks.
Sure. My pool is small compared to most about 20k gallons I guessing. It was built nine years ago before we owned the property. Last fall the liner developed a leak so this spring we had a new liner installed. That was an experience. It went well but what we found under the old liner was shocking. The pool was built without and cement footings or bottom sill which is why the pavers are sunken in areas around the pool. As well there are about three active springs so it was like fountains squirting from the sides. Oh joy. The contractor, his guys and myself had a lovely time stopping the water with quick dry cement and pumps. Eventually they got the peat down and once the pool was filled the pressure equalized enough. There are a few areas misshapen but it works. lets see what else we saw. Hmmm, non code plumbing. It is required to have solid pvc but they used some sort of soft stuff. I ignored it. The wiring was not to conduit just bare in the dirt. There is no pool breaker (the green ones), just a breaker under the house. And at some point I need to replace the lighting wire to one light in the pool. It’s a PAL trio. The contractor tried to pull it out when redoing the liner, not realizing it was not goin to budge in dirt and subsequently snapped it somewhere. Then told me I’d need to get an electrician to fix it in the ground but he’ll come back and install the actual light. So it’s been fun. i still love and use the pool everyday. And hopefully if we still live here, down the road we will put one in done right. Can I start a go fund me page for that?