Newbie here - should we dig up our grass?

Hi there,

We just got a bestway 14 ft pool to help us survive la summer at home with no camps for kiddos. ?

Since we live in southern California we do want to keep it up year around and hopefully keep it for many years to come. Since our kids are young and will enjoy it.

I've been researching and I'm confused on prep work ... I have attached pictures. We have pavers in our grass. Do you guys think we should take them out? do we dig up the grass or can we just put it on top?

Do we need to add additional padding?

Thank you so much your help. The internet is super confusing!



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Aug 2, 2017
SE Kansas!
Unless you are comfortable with lots of round-up or similar all-weed killer, the plants will try to grow back through the pool bottom :) if not removed

If you can remove the pavers, I would definitely do that, use them for under the pool legs.
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