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May 8, 2017
Campbell, CA
We just put up our new Intex 18' x 52" above ground pool. It comes with the Krystal Klear Sand Filter 1500 GPH. The setup DVD had no mention of adding chlorine to the pool. Do we need to use chlorine in our pool in addition to the sand filter? I would think so? If so, do we just use the chlorine tablets? Where do they go?

Thank You

Link to the pool we have:


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Aug 10, 2012
Welcome to TFP and congrats on the new pool!

Yes, you need to use chlorine in your pool. For now, you can put trichlor pucks in a floater to keep your chlorine up. But, soon you will need to switch over to bleach or liquid chlorine so that your CYA doesn't get too high.

Do a little reading here, And here, Pool School - Getting Started

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Hello and welcome to TFP! :wave: Along with pooldv's comments & links:
- Free Chlorine (FC) which is basically regular bleach. Day 1 level of about 3 ppm, then increase as needed after according to the Chlorine/CYA Chart (link below).
- Stabilizer (CYA) for a minimum target of "30" which does 2 things: Protects you and the pool from the harshness of chlorine and protects the FC from the sun's UV rays.

You can get both at Wal-Mart. Great Value bleach in the laundry section, and stabilizer (about $16) in the pool section. Place the stabilizer in a sock and let is sock in the water - squeeze often.

More than likely your pH may need adjusting. Wal-Mart usually has a simple 5 or 6-way test kit that will help temporarily for testing. PH needs to be in the mid-7s.

Use and save the vital links below in my signature. The Poolmath calculator will help you with dosage amounts. If you don't already have a TF-100 test kit (link below), you really need one. It will last all year and perhaps longer and give you pinpoint testing accuracy. Stay out of the pool stores! As noted above, only use tabs for a short period, and no bags of shock, no miracle bottle cures, just regular bleach. Once you get the right test kit, post a full set of numbers and we'll give you more advise. :)