Newbie, Hayward Perflex DE filter spews dirty water on startup...


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Sep 19, 2016
orange, ct
Hello all, I installed our above-ground pool 4 yrs ago and this might be like my 2nd posting, so here goes:

I'd search, but not sure what I'd search for; my Hayward Perflex EC40 DE filter has begun spewing an awful stream of dirty (green/brown) water for about 4-5 sec right after startup. It doesn't matter if I "recharge" the filter, or just shut it off after vacuuming and removing the hose, then switch the pump back on; in those brief few seconds that the pump is off, it will still somehow find 4-5 sec worth of dirty water to spew out.

I have dis-mantled the filter to inspect EVERYTHING, but cannot find any cracks in the (2) heavy plastic plates that clamp the tops of the Flextubes, can't find any defects/holes/rips in the rubber gasket clamped between the 2 rings, and can't find any holes/rips/defects in any of the 2-dozen or so flextubes.

The filter is an extremely simple design, so I can't for the life of me figure out how un-filtered water is briefly getting past the seal or filtering flex-tubes.

After the blast of dirty water, the filter functions normally and cleans the water, and there seems to be NO evidence that DE is being pumped into the pool.

I can't be the only person who has experienced this phenomenon, but a Hayward rep merely says "might be a crack in one of the plates, or a bad seal..." As I said, I looked closely at everything and could not detect a flaw in anything. So I don't want to just start replacing things (although there aren't too many parts to replace).