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Jul 31, 2020
Pleasantville, New York
Hi everyone! So excited to find you guys - just wish I'd found you sooner. I'm currently using Pristine Blue. I will fix that at the start of 2021 pool season, but am stuck for now. I'm a little slow on the uptake, lol... started getting a rash in May. It took me 9 weeks, 2 doctor's visits, a round of steroid cream AND a shot of cortisone, (only for the rash to keep coming back) to realize it's probably the pool water. I've NEVER had an issue before, and grew up in pools. Has anyone heard of Pristine Blue reactions before? Its to the point where I'm bruising myself from scratching so hard. I just ordered the TF-100 and will report back once I have numbers, but was hoping for help in the interim. Other than the CC level, are there other chemicals I should be looking for and/or staying away from that could be causing this? Thank you for all you do!!


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Mar 25, 2018
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Welcome to TFP. :wave:

We don’t recommend using anything in our pools unless you know the outcome of doing so. You’re off to a great start by ordering up the test kit. Once it arrives, post up a full set of results in the “Just getting started” section, and folks will help guide you. :cheers:

In the meantime, here’s some reading for you.
ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry
FC/CYA Chart