Newbie - Air in return jets

Hello all,

Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere- I did a quick search, but could not find anything that matched my issue completely...

I bought a house that has an old DE filter, with pump and booster... originally attached to a solar heater.
Last year we had some issues with the solar heater, and so we were advised to bypass solar.
Ever since, when the pump turns off we can hear a gurgle. Each time the pump turns back on we get a huge amount of air through the return jets, for about 1 minute.

I cannot detect a leak anywhere, the pressure shows around 13 psi through the filter.

The pool is otherwise in good shape, so not sure if I should ignore this, or if it will bring trouble down the road.

I am very new at managing my own pool, so not sure what other information to offer you... but will answer what I can!



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Jan 6, 2010
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How does the air bleeder valve on top the filter feel when you open and close it? Once in a while, mine gets sticky. It seems to seal under pressure, but it will let air in when off.

Stick a balloon over the opening. If it's been sucked in overnight, you found the source.