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Jun 15, 2008
Patterson , LA
Hello guys and gals, I am currently waiting on my first pool to arrive. 54" walls 30'D AG pool with 1.5hp sta-rite 150 mod filter.
Me and my boys have been working on the pool site getting it level. I have my sand here on site. Going to run electrical tomorrow.
The pool came with a pool frog system...after reading here and other places I think I am going to sell it and not use it. The BBB method sounds like the way to go from what I have read. I have never owned a pool and me and my family are very excited.
When I fill it up is there a certain order to start adding chemicals to achive balanced water?


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Welcome to TFP! And congratulations on the new pool.

We strongly recommend that you get a good test kit as part of your start-up. Test strips aren't very reliable and water testing done at pool stores is intended to sell you chemicals you probably don't need. There are three good reagent based test kits: Taylor K-2006, the Leslie's FAS-DPD Service test kit, and the TF Test Kit's TF100. You can read more details about them in the Pool School files, see the link above in the logo.

While you're in the Pool School section, spend a little time reading some of the other articles there, especially in the Basic Pool Chemistry part. Once the pool is filled, test the water with your brand new kit and post the numbers and we'll talk you through the steps necessary to have a well behaved pool.


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I suspect we all share that with you, being perfection freaks. That's why we use and advocate the BBB method. It keeps the water sanitized without adding unnecessary chemicals, at very low expense and requiring a minimum of time.

The Pool School is an incredible resource put together by pool owners who maintain their own systems and by people in the industry sharing their vast knowledge. If the articles in the Pool School and the Newsletter were published in a booklet it would sell for more than the cost of a full forum membership here. Straight talk, easy to understand and easy to follow directions.

We're into our 3rd full season with our pool and I'm in the Pool School at least twice a week, researching or brushing up.

The other excellent resource, and it's the one none of us can live without, is Jason's Pool Calculator. Once you've learned how to use it you'll refer to it almost daily to calculate how much of what to add to your water. And when you're stumped, there's the membership on standby, ready to assist.

Once you're set up, add the specifics of your pool equipment in your signature line (see User Control Panel) and post a full set of numbers - that would be the test results you got with your brand new test kit :)