newbe looking for advice if you want a good laugh read on


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Jun 23, 2007
Year 1 - Ok so we started with a 12 x30 pool, Intex AG.
Year 2 -Then it started bought 15 x42 intex AG pool , 2 4 x 20 solar heating panels.
Year 3- Old pump died(gee I wonder why? ha ha) So purchased 1 1/2hp hayward, then saw the salt water generators and just had to have one and we are using the old pool pump from intex as a filter.
So what we have is a very scabbed together pool. Its working I don't know how? Hubby able to make anything work.

So short story long.

1. Should I worry about pump being to powerful? What would be a proper size? (All the joints are holding.)
2. Can I wait till next year to get a sand filter, and if so which one would be good?
3. Just started using the salt water generator yesterday and here are my pool reading
FC 3ppm
PH 7.0
TA 40 very low

After you stop laughing, any advice you would like to give would be appreciated.
Thanks, wish I had found this forum last year!


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May 7, 2007
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Welcome to TFP!

There are no silly questions. Asking questions is the way we learn.

The only real problem with the larger pump is that it costs more to operate.

Do you know your CYA level?


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Apr 22, 2007
Hey, over time even inground pools are "scabbed" together. Equipment breaks, new technology, unfolds.

Most people don't replace everything all at once - unless they have to, or have big bucks to throw away.

Welcome to the group, by the way.

Your pH and TA are low. Watch your pH and don't let it go below 7.0 in a vinyl pool. Look for a sticky about the BBB method and it will give you a lot of information as to what to use.

Download the Bleachcalc program or use JasonLion's online calculator to figure out the proper amounts for your pool volume.
You can find JasonLion's as a link in any one of his posts.