Dec 12, 2014
Austin, Tx
Hey folks. New to this pool thing. I am a porter in charge of two resort style pools. First time working with pools. I'm having an issue with cya. (100+) Seen some things about chlorine neutrilizer. Wondering if its worth trying or if simply draining pool (75k+ gal) is the only option. Chlorine is at 1.5. I'm in Texas. Working on the profile.


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May 19, 2010
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A chlorine neutralizer will only lower the chlorine and have no affect on the CYA level. There are only 2 ways to lower the CYA, drain and replace water or have a company run a Reverse Osmosis system on the water (and I do not think that is an option available in your location).

How do you sanitize the pool? If you do not change the apparent methods, you will likely run into the same high CYA problem again.

You also need to be careful as there may be rules you have to follow as these sound like public pools.

How much Pool School have you read? Start with these:
ABCs of Water Chemistry
Recommended Pool Chemicals
How to Chlorinate Your Pool


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Apr 19, 2013
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As Jason said you can only remove CYA through reverse osmosis and water replacement.

It appears you are operating a pool open to public use. Almost all public pools should have some form of water replacement as part of their pool sanitation program. This CDC brochure lists water replacement as a necessary part of a public pool maintenance program.

So I would suggest you incorporate partial drains into your normal sanitation program. That will not only reduce the oxidation load on your oxidizer and/or chlorine but will allow you to maintain your CYA at a specific level that you determine.

I would also suggest you get your employer to enroll you in a Pool Operator Certification Course. There are plenty around the country and I'm sure there are a few in Texas. They will give you a basic education about operating a pool with high bather loads. More importantly they will tell you how to comply with your state and local public pool regulations which can often be complicated and inconsistent with what we teach at TFP. We are mostly inclined towards private pools with low bather loads so things like water replacement, which may be standard operating procedure for a high load pubic pool are considered a rather drastic remedy for most on this forum.

Feel free to post your questions.