Newb plumbing questions.


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Jul 14, 2015
Hi All:

We bought a 21 foot round AGP. It is our first real AGP.

I have ordered pretty much everything I can think of needing. It is in our garage waiting for site prep and warm weather (in Canada).

Any way:

I bought a 2 speed 1.5hp Carvin shark pump and I bought a 160sqft Carvin Cartridge filter.

I have bought a short 4 foot flex hose to connect the pump to filter and I bought two 10 foot long flex hoses (Tigerline or something like that).

My pump/filter should be pretty close to pool skimmer/return. We get horrible winters here so obviously I think disconnecting the pump and filter and storing indoors might be best option?

Any help, tips, suggestions, pointing out errors, etc...would be appreciated. I hear some folks talking about using hard pvc piping???? Where do you use that and it that a better way than my flex piping???


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