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May 26, 2012
First let me say that I am new to the site and looks like a great forum. I need some help with my setup. I never really realized there was a problem until last time i cleaned the filters and put it back together. I don't know every spec of the pool but here is what i do know

Built in 2007
hayward super 2 pump 1-1/12
hayward swimclear c3020
auqa logic aql-p-4
hayward pool vac ultra
separate vacuum line

After I put it back together, I noticed that it is running dry or at least not much water in basket. I try to fill but can never get it full. The pump also seems to rattle a bit and is just not as quite as I remember. I pulled the pump apart and looked for anything obvious (debree) around the impeller, not really sure what else to look for. I rinsed off and put back together.

I have put a new o-rings on the filter housing and a new one on the pump lid, made sure everything was clean, lubed and i replaced the pump basket that was cracked. Filters are clean, psi on gauge is about 12, vacuum runs like a champ, skimmer has good suction. has serious flow into pool from returns, can't find any obvious leaks. When I turn off the pump I can see the pump basket fill up with water but after I turn it back on, the basket is empty again within a few seconds.

Im not sure what to do next expect to pay some genius hundreds to tell me to clean my filters which I have already done and they are near new.


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Apr 1, 2007
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You have a suction side air leak. Somewhere between the pump and the skimmer, air is being sucked into your system. Since you have been working around the pump basket, I would start there and then work your way back towards the skimmer(s).

Find that leak and the issue is fixed.