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Jul 14, 2018
There is no need to balance the water prior to doing an Ahh-Some decontamination. We strongly recommend that there is sanitizer in the tub at purge time. You really don’t know what may be in the detritus gunk that may be released. We want to be sure that when the bio gunk releases from the biofilm colony into a planktonic, “free floating” state, they are oxidized so there are no health issues. Warm or hot water would be great so the gel dissolves quickly and warm or hot water seems to provide a more effective purge.
@Ahhsomeguy , I'm getting ready to change my water - it's been 3 months and I want to do it before it gets too cold outside and we are currently getting a lot of foam in the tub. I ran it with ahh-some when we first got it. The tub is balanced. I can just put some ahh-some into the tub and run it? I don't have to drain it, then refill then add the ahh-some right? Sorry if that's a stupid question. Still kinda new.
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Jun 28, 2017
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My experience only. Purge using existing heated water (turn off/ down heater just prior) making sure FC level is adequate. If the first time on a used tub it will need to purged more than once if biofilm buildup is heavy.
Pull your filter but leave it in the tub. Give the product some time in solution do work its magic. Run the jets and pulse the system several times. Remove the colored foam as you go and wipe down the waterline to avoid buildup. Keep a bucket and a roll of paper towels nearby. When done rinse tub and plumbing well while fully draining to remove treated water. Clean the filter well or replace.


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Jul 7, 2014
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I suggest you flip the breakers just before you drain.. It all depends on your tub, but mine runs the circulation pump all the time.. Draining with the pump running will ruin the pump. Ask me how I know this... :(

Do NOT let the colored (dirty) foam dry at the water line... It will take a lot of extra work to remove it if you do.. I find that a couple of large sponges work best for me.. Pick up foam, rinse sponge, repeat about a million times..

The first time I used Ahhsome, I had to do it three times.. I could not keep up with the colored foam... The next time there was very little dirty foam..


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