New VS Pentair, need help in programming


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May 11, 2014
Mesa, Arizona
So yeah, I had a problem with my main drain pump and finally broke down and bought the VS Pentair. I'm very happy with it but have some questions about the programming.

In order to get the 3 year warranty and the $100 rebate from our electric company, I had the technician install the pump and program it. While he was programming the pump I was telling him about our peak electric times here in the valley and my desires of running it during the day. He pretty much went with what I wanted except for the fact that he has it running at night. I know that it really doesn't matter much now as it's almost winter, but come summer I will want to switch it back to running mostly during the day as much as peak hours will allow. Another thing is that I had my salt cell dialed in by running the cell for only 5 hours at 20% which kept my FC at 5 ppm. The pool is still above 60 degrees (64) but that will change within a month or so and I plan on turning the cell down.

The technician set my cell to run from midnight to noon at 50%, not at all what I want. The VS pump is set to start at just after 9 pm @ 2800 rpm and switches to 1400 rpm around 5 am till noon. I'm going to check my FC tonight to get a handle on where I'm at as far as needing to dial it down or whatever.

I called the place of business from where I bought the pump but did not get the person I really wanted to talk to. He will be there tomorrow so I want to talk to him about whether or not they use different programming schedules or if they just use 1. So far, I can only see program schedule 5 and I'm hoping that someone here can tell me whether or not it's easy enough for me to go into the schedule and override what the tech did. I read through the manual and it looks to be quite easy but again, I'm dealing with something new and don't want to screw around with it not knowing exactly what will happen if I make a mistake. I definitely don't want the tech to come out and have to be charged to fix something I messed up. And then again, come summer I will want to make changes to the scheduling and will this affect my warranty?

I surely don't want the cell to be running for 12 hours as I've never had it running that long. I understand that 7 hours of the 12 the VS pump is running at a lower rpm but I feel that I don't need the cell to be running that long at all. On a side note, the pump (single speed) running the pop-ups, runs for only 4 hours when the VS pump is running at 2800 rpm's so that is fine.

I ran a full set of tests 2 days after the VS install and here are my results:

FC- 5.0
CC- 0.0
PH- 7.8
TA- 80
CYA- 80
Salt- 3,200

Hopefully one of you professionals can help with me with my fears of programming the VS pump. I'm also hoping I can get the technician to drop by if I can get him over here for free to help explain a little more of what he did. I tried asking questions but of course he does this for a living and was really fast and it was hard for me to keep up. I just want to get it right and not screw up what he did but I'd like for the pump to run in the daytime as much as possible, especially in the summer. Sorry for the long winded post and yes, I keep the pool open all year round as it never gets below freezing here in the valley and every once in a while my friends and I do the polar bear thing in February or March. Thanks in advance for your guidance.


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Oct 26, 2013
Chapin, SC
Pentair makes a couple models of VS pumps there is quite a difference between them. I'm assuming you got an owners manual for it. You should be able to find the Pentair cs phone#. Give them a call they'll be glad to help you with your programming questions. You may want to update your Sig with your new pump details.


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May 7, 2007
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It really isn't particularly difficult to program the pump, though perhaps it can get a little tedious in places. It will be straightforward to run through the settings and see what they have it set to, which is a good way to get used to the user interface.


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May 11, 2014
Mesa, Arizona
Sig was/has been updated. The pump has the capabilities to control it from a smart phone although I didn't get the control panel for it.

Yes I do have the manual and it does look pretty straightforward. Jason you answered the question that was most prevalent on my mind and that was if it would be easy for me to see the settings that have been set. Thanks for your replies fellas and I'm glad I went with the VS Pentair. It really is a nice pump and I'm sure that as soon as I get into the settings I should be alright.