New to this forum, love DIY how to's

Just replaced my booster pump 2 weeks ago and somehow disabled everything. No filter pump, no control from the PDA nothing. Thought I burnt out the filter pump (Jandy Variable speed JEP 2.0)and some circuit boards in the AquaPure RS panel. Had Leslie's pool technician come out 2 weeks later (earliest appointment) and he determined all I did was scrub the settings in the PDA and he re-programmed everything.
Although it was a $160 lesson learned I was happy it wasn't something more serious! While replacing the PB4-60 booster pump saved me $250-$300 (according to the Leslie's pool tech) I felt the repair charge was acceptable and I still saved some money. I'm here to learn more from the forum about pool maintenance and maybe upgrades and hope it's a friendly and productive place to interact. I (we) have a Kidneyish shaped 17,000 gallon salt chlorinated in ground built in 2012 while I was deployed overseas. We love our pool and do our best to take care of it year round!