new to the group.


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My name is david and im in Melbourne Australia.... and its time i said hello to you all instead of using this ripper forum for just info.
I have an AG
intex ultra frame 6831g (i think) hard plumbed (not from inlets) a hyclor 1.5 hp pump with a 24" poseidon multiport sand filter plus a solar roof system which runs separate too the main filter and pump. My plumbing skills leave alittle to be desired but it works perfectly.
Not sure yet how to post pics but will work on it shortly.
My first reation is to bomb bard you guys with questions but i will refrain until ive introduced myself.
By the way its 118f at the moment and the pool temperature is around 95f...hope that gives everyone a decent picture.


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Thanks for the compliments guys....appreciate it.....
Theres two things i have left to do first a through the wall skimmer and second to change the old skinny intex pipes that come from the pool to the pump.... but not sure how as the holes for the outlets are so small there a larger adapter so i can run pvc to the pump...anyone got ideas..


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Jul 10, 2012
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Smitty I will see about getting Laciegirl on here. She has done what you want to do. She should be able to tell you what and how.

Welcome to TFP!