New to TFP...trying to figure out my numbers???


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Jul 7, 2010
SW Iowa
Okay, set up my pool the middle of May. I test daily with the test strips that came with the pool/SWG. According to the test strips has been at normal levels until last week. It started reading 0 FC. We have had a LOT of rain lately, pool overflowing. I've had to backwash to lower water level and add salt.

Been reading tons of posts/threads on a wealth of info!!! Thank you!!!

I live in a small town, with NO local pool store. All I have is W@lmart. I went and purchased the 6-way test kit. Fairly easly to follow the directions...until I got to the CYA test. I did as instructions say...but, the black dot didn't disappear at all??? I filled the tube to the black dot disappearing. I know you guys will probably tell me to order the kit offered here...but, it's not an option right now. Not sure what I did wrong? And the test kit only has enough for two CYA I'm gonna wait awhile before I test for the CYA again.

I tested my pool this morning here are results-

FC- 0
ph- 7.8
TA- 110
(this was before I bought the 6-way kit)

So I used the pool calculator to figure how much bleach I needed to add. I added bleach and waited an hour(ran the filter for the hour). New test results-

ph- 7.8
TA- 100
CH- 110
CYA- 0 (I might have done it wrong???)but, I followed the directions....

My pool water is very clear and no algae that I can see. My filter is on a timer for 9 hrs/night. SWG runs 6 hrs/night. I have a family reunion party at my house in 3 wks. I'm wanting to make sure that my pool water is clean/safe for everyone :)

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!


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Nov 18, 2009
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If you have only been chlorinating via SWG (no trichlor pucks or dichlor shock), and never added CYA (aka stabilizer) than your CYA is indeed 0.

You need to add enough to get up to 70 - 80ppm. You can use the pool calculator to determine how much you need.

Some Walmarts carry CYA in the pool aisle. If yours doesn't, you can get it online. I just bought some off eBay with a decent price and free shipping.

Without CYA, your FC is quickly burned off by the sun and the SWG can't keep up.


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Jul 10, 2009
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You can supplement your FC with bleach until you get some CYA in the pool. Once you get the CYA in, assume you have that the level you are targeting and add bleach to reach your recommended FC level until the SWG catches up.


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Jul 7, 2010
SW Iowa
Well, I put the CYA in on the 12th. I haven't re tested it with the drop kit yet, but, the 6-way strip is still saying 0. But, my Cl is off the chart on my test 5+. Here are my results from today.

FC 5+
pH- 7.5
TA 110
CH 230
Salt 2490


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May 10, 2010
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CYA can take a week or more to show on test, wait a few more days before using the last of your CYA test reagent


p.s. If something does go wrong on your next CYA test, TFtestkits does sell a single item CYA only test for $17+shipping

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