New to TFP in Central Florida.

Nov 16, 2019
Melbourne, Florida
Just finished with a new pool install. I have had a terrible experience with my builder. We are still trying to get a few things taken care of.

I look forward to learning from the community, and sharing what I learn a long the way.

I like to tinker with electronics, and I am currently working on Google home integration for control of pentair lights, pump, and SWG.

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Welcome to TFP! :wave: Make sure to update your signature with all of your pool and equipment info. We'll do what we can to help you along the way.



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May 11, 2014
Franklin, NC
Please understand, that after hundreds of horror stories we generally have come to teh conclusion that many pool builders are great at building a pool but horrible at the running of a pool. They can install/fix a pump, but the water, well lets just say they repeat what was taught to them with no scientific background behind their recommendations.

We base our pool care system on accurate testing and only adding what the pool needs, when it needs it. To do that you need your own accurate test kit. Order a TF-100 Test Kit ™

Please don't go to a pool store for a test kit. To effectively practice the TFPC methods, the FAS/DPD chlorine test is essential. TF-100. The kits sold at the pool store generally won't won't cut it, but be careful pool store employees are known to say “it's the same thing”. Generally it's not! We find that many times pool store employees primary goal is to sell stuff, not necessarily get your pool in perfect condition. As to whether that is because of improper training, lack of knowledge or just to sell stuff I will leave up to you. While you would think that a "professional" would be the best, unfortunately in most cases it is quite the opposite. Between employees who blindly trust the word of chemical sales representatives and high school kids working in the pool store for the summer you end up with poor results from their advice and testing.

Here is some reading on our system ad you amy want to start with these:

You may also want to add your signature to your profile

The following information will help us better frame our answers to you.
  • List what test kit you use to test your water

  • The size of your pool in gallons

  • If your pool is an AG (above ground) or IG (in ground)

  • If it's IG, tell us if it's vinyl, plaster/pebble, or fiberglass

  • The type filter you have (sand, DE, cartridge)

  • If you know, tell us the make and model of your pump and filter.

  • List any other equipment you have: SWG, second pump, etc.

  • Please mention if you fill the pool from a well or are currently on water restrictions
Information in your signature will show up each time you post and it makes advice more accurate as we know what equipment we are dealing with.

So, welcome to TFP!!
Nov 16, 2019
Melbourne, Florida
Thanks, Guys I have Updated my Signature.

I also opened another thread. The pool builder is doing a drain/acid wash trying to improve the interior finish.

After they filled the pool with water it sat for almost 2 weeks with no filtration, brushing, chemicals, etc... I'm not sure if this we the cause of the problems but just a fun fact.