New to TFP but owned a pool for 5 year in Baton Rouge


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Apr 27, 2020
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Hello all,

Bought a house with a pool about 5 years ago (pool was built probably 10 years ago by former owner). Initially had the family handy man keep up the pool, but it was becoming difficult for him to assist. So I took over for a bit, did the standard go to Leslie's and have them tell me how to manage it, pool was doing relatively well.

Then had a leak beneath the equipment pad (2 years ago) and the pool was on hiatus for about a year, really it became a pond. The leak was detected and fixed and last summer the pool was doing well. Hired a company to assist with pool maintenance(I was getting burned out managing it) but really just paid them money to put chlorine tablets in the skimmer, not sure if they ever tested the chemicals, and they certainly did not brush the pool as they said they would. This spring the pool continued to bloom algae and I was becoming more aggravated with this process. I've decided to part ways with the company.

Went back to Leslie's about a month ago as the algae was coming back. Followed their instructions based on my readings at that time, but of course a little bit of algae continues to come back and the water is not crystal clear.. So I decided to come to this forum for some guidance and regain some pleasure in having a swimming pool.

I have bought a TF-100 test kit and been testing/practicing over the last few weeks. This was my results from last night 5/19/20:

FC: 23
CC: 0
pH: 7.5
TA: 100
CH: 425
CYA: 115
Temp: getting thermometer delivered very soon

I've stopped using tri-chlor tablets or off the shelf shock after reading this website. I have found 6% plain bleach and plan to use going forward along with other chemicals this website suggests.

Currently whenever I brush the pool, white powder comes out into the water (I assume Calcium) and clouds the pool for a few days and then settles back down to the bottom. The filter pressure rises to around 30 psi (usually operates at 18-20 psi) and return jet flow becomes almost non-existent a few hours after brushing. I backwash/clean the filter and the pressure goes back down to operating range. This has become a cycle over the las few weeks and I figure there has to be an easier way, the pool never really gets crystal clear and the algae will slowly bloom back.

What should I do next? Thanks in advance.


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May 11, 2014
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Welcome to TFP!!

The CYA number you have listed is impossible. The tube only is marked to 100, so just a little over 100 can't be attributed to a number.

The algae comes back because you have never eradicated it. If you have algae you will need to SLAM the pool following the full process. To SLAM yo need the CYA at a reasonable level, say 30 - 40. The only way to lower CYA is to do a water exchange.

How much Pool School have you read? Start with these: