New to TFP and SLAM confusion.


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Apr 17, 2021
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Hi, I'm new to TFP. I had difficulty maintaining chlorine levels following my local pool store guidance, so due to what I read here, I ordered my own test kit, switched to liquid chlorine, and have started daily testing. I was using the pool store's weekly/monthly testing until now.

I was confused about SLAMing before and after coming to TFP, and struggled to find clarifying info. The pool store guidance was to SLAM every week ( granular ), and use biscuits to maintain throughout the week. By the end of the week, my biscuits had hardly dissolved and never seemed to maintain the chlorine level. It was always very low, sometimes 0. My CYA is 60. Furthermore, the way it was presented by the pool store, and by the pool product marketing at big box stores, it seems like SLAMing required a different product than your daily chlorinator.

After starting with TFP, the Pool Math app became an additional source of confusion. In the Free Chlorine section, I moved the slider to select SLAM. It increased the Target FC from 7 to 24, but at the same time added a warning "Your target is outside the recommended range!". But according to the Chlorine / CYA page, for a pool with CYA of 60, 24 is the recommended target FC level for SLAMing. I guess that just means recommended range for swimming.

While trying to understand all of this, I was exploring the Pool School and Pool Basic pages. That's were I found the Chlorine / CYA page, Chlorine / CYA Chart - Trouble Free Pool . It mentions SLAM, but provides no guidance about when to do it, and didn't actually help to clarify my confusion about SLAM vs daily chlorine products.

When I finally resorted to using the search box for SLAM, I found the info I was looking for here: SLAM - Shock Level and Maintain - Trouble Free Pool , but it was multiple days of confusion to get here. So I feel here is some useful feedback, the Chlorine / CYA page should include a link to the SLAM page. With that, I would have found the info right away.

Thanks for this great resource. I'm off to continue with daily testing and adjustments, and to start having a trouble free pool.



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Welcome to TFP. Glad you found us. There is lots of information here and it is difficult to organize it all.

You only need the SLAM Process for your pool when your pool fails the Overnight Chlorine Loss Test. IT is not something you do on a regular basis.

Liquid chlorine or a SWG is the pool chlorination method we recommend.

Have you read ...

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Some also like some information in video form ---
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