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Jun 6, 2021
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Hi! Ok so TF XL test kit finally arrived! There were zero directions in the kit except for what was in the blue Taylor OTD kit. I was able to piece most together from videos and instructions here on TFP (thank you). However, re:TA, in TFP instructions it references "Fill the sample tube with pool water to the 25 ml mark. The top of the sample will be curved. This curve is called a meniscus. The bottom of the meniscus should be level with the 25 ml mark." What does that mean?



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May 31, 2015
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For the furtherance of you education in what reaction certain chemicals will have with your water, may I direct you to my signature.
There you will find a link to the old "Pool Math" (Web version).
It has a section at the bottom of the page that you can play with to see predicted results of additions.

As for your question, if you look into the test vile from the side you will see your water sample at the edges of the vial are higher than the middle. Read from the middle to get the right level.
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