New to salt water pools

Apr 12, 2018
New guy to swg systems. Previous pool was a inground 20 x 30. Just installed 18 x 36 vinyl lined pool with Astral E-25 swg. Is this unit large enough for my pool and is this a reliable system. Not seeing much information about it online


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Jan 5, 2016
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I'll start with a guess at 22,000 gallons. When you get a chance, enter a signature with a description of your pool and equipment. Below this post is my signature which has a link 'read before posting' which has all the instructions and some tips for how to get the best answers here. You can start your signature with whatever you know and then edit it later as you get to know your pool.

Astral is reasonably well thought of here, and yeh, I'm surprised you have Astral because you don't hear about it much in the US. The '25' stands for 25 grams per hour, or in the US that would be rated at ~1.3 lbs per day (24 hours). Your pool will use about 2 to 4 ppm of chlorine per day in summer, which is about 7 to 13 hours per day of run time at 100%. It will start out much lower (sun is low in the sky and water is cool/cold) and build up as the sun gets higher and the water warmer.

The E-25 is a bit small for your pool in practical terms, but is probably rated for that size pool, which leads to this mistake which happens often. If you have a 2-speed or variable speed pump, the extra pump run time won't bother you. You can also supplement with liquid chlorine on big swim days. It's sometimes hard to decipher in SWG manuals, but there's a good chance it's possible to upgrade to an E-35 cell when the E-25 wears out. SWG cells have a finite lifespan based on how many hours they run. That chlorinator requires a relatively high salt level (4000 ppm minimum, 6000 ppm target) so be sure to get a salt test kit and keep your salt level up. At a pool I help with, the SWG has those same specs, and 5000 works well and doesn't taste too salty.
Jun 9, 2018
Same boat here, Looking to get a 27 or 30ft. Resin/aluminum (vogue panache) above ground pool. Local store sells the astral line and says I need a E25 also. Just can't find much info about it. Why does it need to have a high salt level? I understand 3k to 3500 is ideal salt level. Higher salt level make any difference in corrosion wear?
What all should I inquire about and upgrade before/during purchase?
Curious, is the E25 big enough for a 27 or 30ft AGP or should I go ahead and tell them I want the E35?