New to posting, 3 yr pool/spa owner


Jul 25, 2021
I live in Belton, Texas and moved into a home with a plaster pool and standalone spa 3.5 years ago. My first of both, so steep learning curve.

We have not used a pool service, so provide our own maintenance. Pool replastered (quartzscape Tahoe) which was quite a process since it was delaminated. New waterfall, tile, and coping because old flagstone was degrading. 15,000 gal, sand filter, new VS pump we're trying to learn. Hayward ProLogic system with SWG and pressure side cleaner. We don't "close" the pool in the typical northern way, but we do like to put a safety cover on in the winter because the pool is under a giant pecan tree. Also, we live in the country and the pool is a draw to critters.

Spa is LA Spas Maui 386 gal fiberglass that has a foam cover and is used year-round (mostly winter). We have a bromine floater and added boric acid (using PoolMath and TFP guidance) Nov 2021. It has a constant upward pH drift and downward Alk so I maintain about 7.8 pH and 50 alk. It is the absolute best place for stargazing.
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Jul 7, 2014
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Welcome to TFP, a great place to learn how to maintain your pool and spa. :shark:

Thanks for the Intro.. Just swim on over to one of our subject-orientated Sub-Forums and start asking those pent-up questions.. :mrgreen:

Jim R.