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Mar 24, 2018
  1. What is the order of cleaning the pool each week (skim then vacuum then brush then chemicals?)
    1. Some YouTube videos recommend making a soap solution to put in the water before skimming - agree? What solution do you use?
    2. Do you brush the floor as well as the walls?
    3. The main drain is not at the bottom of the pool but rather on the wall in the deep end, does it matter what direction I brush?
    4. Does the order of adding chemicals matter?
  2. What else do you do weekly? Where is there a good list of what is done weekly/monthly/yearly etc?
  3. Do you recommend getting a leaf canister for when I vacuum. If not, do I have to clean my pump filter more regularly?
  4. Can you confirm the appropriate levels for the chemicals, most sites agree on most of them, but some places give different results. Saltwater pool in South Florida.
    1. What percentage should I have the SWG at? Someone told me 50% in winter, 75% in spring and fall, and 90% in summer

Background - new house, currently have a service cleaning and maintaining the pool. I have ordered all the cleaning equipment and Taylor chemical kits and plan to take over maintenance soon.

Thanks in advance!

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Hello and welcome to TFP! :wave: Sounds like you are eager to learn some things, and we're happy to help. Here are a couple important links you should read and save for later:
Pool School - ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry
Pool School - Pool School
Pool School - Salt Water Chlorine Generators

Below in my signature are some other links that we reference constantly. Those are equally important to use. As always, make sure you are either using a TF-100 (link below) or Taylor K-2006C test kit to test your own water. That's always a priority.

Start there and let us know how else we can help. Nice to have you with us.


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Oct 18, 2009
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Welcome to TFP where we will teach you how to take care of your pool and keep more money in your wallet. Like Texas Splash says above, read those links at least a few times. Lurk as much as you want on TFP and ask questions. We are happy to help:cheers: