New to pools in Missouri City, Texas

Oct 28, 2007
Missouri City
My name is Ronnie and I bought a home with a pool about 6 months ago. Up to now, a pool service has been handling cleaning and chemicals. Since it is too cold to swim, I am thinking of doing it myself. I am planning on buying a pool cleaner, a leaf rake, chemicals, and a test kit. Any suggestions on where to start?

My pool is 17,375 Gallons with a Nautilus FNS Triton DE filter, Jacuzzi Magnum Force pumps, Teledyne Labs Flextemp Heater.

Thanks, Ronnie


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May 8, 2007
Katy, TX
Welcome to TFP!

I would start with a good test kit. There is one sold at that is very good. A good supply of bleach or chlorinating liquid (or tabs, depending on your CYA situation) would be the first chemical to buy. After testing the pool, this will tell you if you need muriatic acid or borax to adjust your pH, and it will tell you if you need stabilizer (Cyanuric acid, or CYA). Sounds like you're on the right track with the other hardware. You didn't mention manual vacuum, I'd get one of those too, as well as a manual skimmer net.


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Welcome to TFP! BTW, I also live in Missouri City.

You mentioned needing to buy a cleaner. What type of cleaner does the pool have now?

Your instincts are right about the test kit - that's where I would start. I suggest the TF-100 at

What type of sanitizing / chlorination system do you have? In-line chlorine feeder (pucks), saltwater chlorine generator?

You might also want to start reading "The Stickies" - see the link in my signature. Don't get overwhelmed though. We'll be here to walk you through it. Once you get the hang of it, taking care of your own pool will be a snap.
Oct 28, 2007
Missouri City
Thanks to everyone for the replies. Regarding the cleaner, I don't have one. I could use a recommendation... I have heard the name Polaris before but don't know if it is any good.

Regarding the clorinator... the pool company has been putting the pucks in the skimmer basket. There is a cylinder looking thing by the heater that may hold the pucks.