New to Pools, but will be buying into the lifestyle soon in Spain


New member
Jun 28, 2020
Kent, UK
Hi, Thank you for this recourse,
My wife and I are starting to plan out our retirement...and after 56 years of UK weather we are about to purchase a second home in Spain...AND it will definitely have a pool.
We have had a Spa Hot tub in the UK for five years now and love it. I have also been looking after 'water' for all my life, as I am a keen aquarist, currently with two aquariums and a 30000L Koi pond.
We are currently house hunting remotely ( a little stifled in traveling due to Corvid19) But hope to get back out to Spain in Sept. We have seen a house with a good size pool and if its as good as it looks in the Pics and video...likely we will go for it. It looks to have a fairly run of the mill pump /sand filter set up with manual Cl. My plan is to add Solar, Air source heat pump, SWG and as much monitoring/automation as possibly (I trained in electronics and can write code in a few languages as a hobby ).. I've already built a few of the sensor / control units / Databases / Dashboards / Alexa intergration...and I don't even own a pool yet :)
Looking forward to being a 'pool owner' ... to use the information and skills shared on this site and day... maybe even help another member.