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Jun 22, 2010
Hi! This is our first post here. We had a horribly green pool this year and stumbled upon the website and have switched to using bleach and such after pouring, literally, $215 for chemicals to open the pool...yet it stayed pretty and green.

Right now, we have very pretty blue water...but cloudy. We have a cartridge filter, which we have been spraying clean every other day. We shocked the bejebers out of the pool with bleach for the past week and a half and it has improved to where it just doesn't apprear to be changing from cloudy.

We would like it to be clear by the 4th of July for our family and friends, so any advice on getting it to clear would be appreciated.

Thank you soooo much!!

We had the water tested at the pool store today because our test strips only read for 4 things (FC, Bromine, Ph and TA)

The readings were:

FC: 1.6
CC: 1.6
pH: 7.8
CYA: 0 (though this shouldn't be right. We put 4 lbs in initially. Drained the pool halfway then put another lb in (got frustrated and figured we'd start over). The pool guy said that the test might have been no help there).


Thank you again for any feedback! It will be greatly appreciated!

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We are in Springfield, MO and have a 13,600 gallon above ground pool. We have a cartridge filter, though I am not sure of the size, though, in my opinion it is HUGE (probably 18 in tall). I know the pump is a 1.5HP pump, if that helps. The liner is vinyl, I believe. Otherwise, I am not sure on other pool information. We bought the house and pool from the previous owners with no previous information.


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Nov 18, 2009
Sacramento, CA
If your CC reading is correct than you are not done shocking. Even when you are done shocking it can take a while for all the dead algae to get filtered out, so be patient.

You really need an accurate CYA reading. This is the key to keeping your pool clear. Without a CYA reading how do you know what your shock level is? Unfortunately your are using inaccurate strips followed by inaccurate pool store measurements. I recommend that you get a good test kit (TF-100) and take control of your pool. If you are concerned about the price, just think about how much you spent at the pool store and still couldn't get your water clear.

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