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Jul 21, 2013
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Just lower your pH to 7.6 when it gets to 8.


Nov 21, 2020
Phoenix, AZ, USA
Ok, I think I have gotten everything back on track for the pool. Based on what I tested today it looks like I need to address pH and TA by adding Muriatic acid to 7.4 then letting aerate, also I'll get my FC back up to 5? Anything else you think I need to address?
FC = 3.2 ppm
Combined Chlorine = 0 ppm
pH = 8.0
TA = ~120
CH = 250
CYA = 40
Water Temp = 58*

Now that I have also figured out how to get Pool Math premium I need to start to address my Spa. I am confused because it does not appear that the Pool Math app allows for Bromine as a sanitizer. The next issue that I have is with the Taylor kit that I have K-2006 doesn't necessarily test for Bromine. I've found posts on this website that state I need to multiply the FC that I get from my test by 2.25. If this is the case then it appears my spa is out of whack. I refilled my spa in November and all I did was add Bromine tablets and then shocked with non-chlorine shock. Every week I make sure the floater is full of bromine tablets and I put in 1 tablespoon of non-chlorine shock. Here is where it checked in today (it was shocked on Saturday evening):
FC = 7 ppm (so bromine = 15.75?)
Combined Chlorine = 0 ppm
pH = 7.0
TA = ~20
CH = 200
CYA = (Does this test work for bromine?)
Water Temp = 104*

So what to address to get this going the right way?


Nov 21, 2020
Phoenix, AZ, USA
OK so I think I've got all my other factors lined up for the spa, however I'm still not clear on the FC vs Bromine.

When I tested today my FC tested at 2.5, which is within the ideal range for 0 CYA. Am I good? Is there something I'm missing here do I not need to worry about bromine level? If I do what is the level I should be at?
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