New to pool - do I have this right


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May 30, 2012
Montville NJ
Hi all, thanks for the help

This house came with a pool. The last time I had anything to do with a pool was when I used to take care of my neighbors gunnite inground when the went on vacation - I was about 15. That amounted to cleaning the skimmers, breaking down the filter and pressure washing the filter bag, vaccuming the pool, and making sure there was cholrine in the skimmer dispenser. So all of this testing is new to me

Specs are

27' round above ground pool 47" deep (so thats about 17,000 gals if I am right)
Hayward Perflex EC-40 DE filter with a 1 HP pump (which specs on line say is 40 GPM)

I opened the pool and the water looked decent, hazy with some leaves, but no green or black. I started the filter and dumped in a bag of shock that came with the house. After much skimming and vaccuming, the pool started to clear up.

While that was going on, I found and read this site.

After 5 days, with a DE change in the filter, the following is the situation.

CL: 2.5 ppm
Ph: 7.2
AK: 100 ppm
Hardness: 280
CYK: 50 ppm

The water is now clear, however I keep getting dirt (as in it collects in the "pockets" in the liner) on the bottom. Not a lot, but it does show up

If I vaccum (or run the automatic one that came with the pool - Barracuda Wahoo - it cleans up all of the dirt.

So my question is, what do I do now?

1) Am I correct in assuming I should add 60 oz Borax as the calculator says, to raise the Ph a bit ?

2) How long should the filter run each day (7 hours to turn it over once?) and what is the best time to run it?

3) I guess I test CL each night, and add bleach as appropriate to keep the level at 2.5 or so?

4) I assume that with regular vaccuming, the dirt will eventualy be taken care of. The vaccum seems to stir up 50% and capture about 50% of whats on the bottom.

My CL seems to be all free CL - My test kit does not specificaly measure Free Cl, but there is no color change over time when measuring total CL. I guess when there is a large drop in CL (from a party say) or when I see evidence of bound CL, thats when I should shock.

Thanks for your help



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May 10, 2010
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It sounds like you are doing good now, the dirt will depend on how much blows in, and a number of other factors. As to your pH I would not do anything yet, pH will tend to drift up on many pools, I would give it a few days, testing each day, and see what the trend is with your particular pool. 7.2 is marginal, but not bad, if you give it a day or two it may hit 7.3.....