New to me SWG Pool


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May 26, 2011
We are moving into a new house with a saltwater pool. I currently have a non-saltwater pool that I use the BBB method on and have it down with no issues. The pool inspection was yesterday and everything checked out except for the heater needs to be replaced but I was expecting that based on the first time I saw it. My questions:

1. When do you add salt to a SWG pool? What level salt should be maintained? How often should I expect to add salt?
2. Does the salt cause any maintenance issues that are different from chlorine other than it is tough on the natural stone?
3. Recommendation for a sealer on the natural stone? The coping is sandstone and it has a waterfall that will need to be sealed.
4. Life expectancy of the SWG cell? The one on there is from 2015.
5. Does a SWG pool use more acid?

I forgot to take my test kit and test the water but other than that any other advice or tips moving to a SWG pool form chlorine?

My current pool is plaster and 14,000 gallons and the new pool is pebbletec and 25,000 gallons.


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Jul 20, 2016
Las Vegas
1. once you obtain a salt level, you should never have to add salt, unless you drain out water and refill with fresh and even then only to the extent you replaced the salt water with the fresh. Evaporation and refilling does not affect the salt level (when evaporation occurs the salt content will rise within the water that is left, and when the water that evaporated is replaced, the salt content will go back to where it was). You need a salt test kit.
2. None that I have found. Some say its affects certain stone... others say it does not. I have real coral, so no affect. The salt level is about 1/10th of the ocean.
3. I used Dry Treat 40SK its expensive, BUT it is for softer stones and specifically for saltwater environments.
4. That's a good question and depends on how you take care of it.. 2015 is relatively new, so you shouldn't have to worry about it for several years.
5. Yes. If you add Borates that helps a lot. If you pool is over a year old, it should be pretty well stabilized.

SWG is just better overall in my opinion, having had both since I was a kid and taking care of both types... it seems a lot easier, and with the test kits and advice you can find on here, the swings in stability seem to disappear. It's rather easy... just remember to brush lol..