New to gunite! Building first pool


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Jul 27, 2021
East Amherst new york
Hello I’m in upstate NewYork
Building 40x22 (40x36 with shelf and spa) geometric pool. Needless to say I’m overwhelmed trying to adapt to delayed supplies, and hoping to have a pool before the snow starts.
we started two years ago. We are almost encircled bu a creek and needed additional permits for our build. And of course covid delayed things. But here we are now
I’m at the point of making plaster choice
Thinking st Martin shade curaçao night or anvil- my quartzscape options.
May tile is a mix of glass and stone. And with water surrounding thought best for a lagoon look. Would love any input on dark bottom pools. It seems here others with dark just don’t look anywhere as near dark as photos show. And yes I’m looking at different times of day and weather. y pool is the first but I am goi g to oust a pic of a neighbors pool done in anvil just to show how dark dark feels here.


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Jul 3, 2013
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Welcome to TFP :)

The struggle is real... most of the pool water color comes from the plaster and the surrounding area... so 2 identical pools will not look the same... :)