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May 21, 2012

New to the forum, - looks like a great place, to learn about pool chemistry: Just ordered my TF-100 Test Kit XL 5 minutes ago, tired of using strips, and Leslie's pool supply.

My current situation on my pool is clear in the shallow end, and cloudy in the deep end, we opened the pool on May 1st, and by May 4th - I had very, very crystal clear water - upon taking my water to Leslie;s to get tested - it was at very low Ph, and Alkalinity- so, 35 pounds of Alk +, and 9 pounds of Soda Ash later - my deep end turned "cloudy".

Last night:
FC was 10+
Total Available Chlorine = 10+
*** I used 4 bottles of 192ounces of Clorox to shoch, in hope to clear the water....

PH= n/a
ALK = 150
CYA = 40
Calcium Hardness = 100
TDS = 500
copper = 1
Phos= 0

We are leaving for vacation for a few days, and when I return I am going to drain some of the water from the pool, and not use my "well" water as fill - I will use my city's water...

After about 8 years of owning my pool - free form 30,000 gallons, this is the 1st time this "cloudy" episode had happened....


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Adding 35 lbs of baking soda and 9 lbs of soda ash it's no wonder that your pool clouded up. it's going to take a while for it ot clear up.

You need a pH reading.


May 21, 2012
Hi Dave,

Yes, I know I dont know why they (leslies) put n/a for the Ph reading last night...

I had a reading of 7.8 for Ph - on Sunday.......

Glad my test kit is on it's way - about time I did that...


May 21, 2012
gonna leave it until we return from vacation ( three days ) see what happens - my test kit "TF-100 XL" should be here, ordered today....Then, I am looking forward to learning more about the pool chemistry - funny, how you have a pool for years, then when something happens - you (I) drive yourself crazy, my wife say's I am losing it~!!! Would be nice to come home to a clear pool~!