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May 19, 2018
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Hi, we’ve lived in our home for 4 years now and and our pool is about 12 years old. We have a gunite pool with a concrete kool deck, cantilever coping. The coping has been cracking and crumbling (which we have patched but looks ugly), waterline tike is popping out (and we hate the tile), and plaster is in good smooth condition but we don’t like all the etching and mottling. We’ve had several people come out and tell us best thing to fix the coping really is to rip out the entire deck and replace $$$$$$$. We have about 1400 square feet of kool deck. We are considering cutting out the coping and repouring kool deck with a slightly darker color since there’s not way we can match the color to existing deck. But the 12 inches of coping will not cover all of the patching we’ve done and we’re afraid we won’t be happy still. Is it a bad idea to replace the waterline tile and replaster now...and rip out the coping and deck when we can afford it? And my next question is, does anyone have any feedback on River rok?? Thank you!



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Jul 10, 2012
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You can do it in what ever order you want. The tile and plaster DO need to be done at the same time but the coping/decking can happen first or last or same time. Know them might (really will but...) get some stuff in the pool when they do the coping. If they are careful it will not be too much but............who knows how careful they will be.

Doing a search for River Roc I found a few threads. I did not read them so not sure if they will be helpful. If you want to do a search make sure to click on the G to get the best search for TFP.

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