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Oct 12, 2010
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Topic pretty much says it all. I received my test kit and stirrer, Fed Ex,,, Thanks so much Dave!
Second test results are:
FC 10
CC .5
TC 10.5
pH is red, not pink way high
T/A 190
CH more than 600
CYA 190

The pH is really, really high as it never comes out a shade of pink,, its really red.
The CH stays pink and doesn't turn blue! even after 60 drops of reagent.
The CYA was tested with half tap water and half pool water and came out at 90.
The water is clear and kinda sparkling but, there are some green stains on the bottom of the pool. NO white scales or nothing in the water.

I just bought this house and have done nothing but run the pump, Vac and toss 3 more pucks into the floater to hold it until I could devote more time to the pool.
The plan is to drain the pool and start fresh! They read my water meter here on the 22nd, so I plan on having it drained and ready to fill back up by then. The plan is to fill it half way before the 22nd and then finish it off after the 23rd. That way I stay within the cheaper tier for water use.

From the fresh start it will be BBB all the way. :-D

Been reading and re-reading the pool school and some of the posts on the forum and really want to thank all who have contributed to this collection of information. I know for sure that without it I would be checking into having the pool guys doing all of the work here and me paying through the nose for it. :(


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Welcome to the forum :lol: I like your plan and I like how much you have already learned about pool water management.

The only thing I would suggest doing differently is to bring the pH down now. Use muriatic acid and, while it may take a bunch of it (perhaps more than a gallon....but do it in smaller a quart or so at a time), you will be in much better shape having your pH in the 7's that wherever it is now.