New to forum, but have had pool for 15 years. This year I have metal in my pool!


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Jul 28, 2020
Freehold, NJ
This year I got metal in my fiberglass pool because we tried to change the pool light. When we took the light out a lot of debris came falling out. I assume it was corrosion. This is the beginning of the most horrible summer.
Pool turned green. Checked with a vit. C tablet and pool was filled with metals.
Used ascorbic acid, lovely! It cleaned the pool, but metals came back. Did a couple of treatments already
Did it again. Used sequestering agent. Pool still cloudy, and green. Used Sparkle up/DE and pool is now finally starting to clear I can see the bottom but still a little hazy.
It will be a week on Wednesday that I did treatment. I read not to shock for a week or two but I would like to introduce chlorine back into the pool.
I noticed this morning I have an orange ring by my water line.
My question is should I use liquid chlorine, or a tab? How much should I put in and how often. I really don't want metals to come back and I want to get rid of the line around my pool. Also, do I need to use a filter cleaner to remove metals from filter?
The pool store will tell me I can shock on Thursday but i am scared to death to do this again.
Can anyone advise me what steps I should take to restore my pool water back to normal. I have a 10,000 gallon pool and its fiberglass.

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Welcome to TFP! :wave: So about your iron situation:
- Once iron is in, it's not leaving unless you change the water with non-metal/fresh water or are able to filter it out.
- Conventional pool filters aren't designed to filter out iron. For that you need to do something else like what another poster did (link down below)
- Remember that if you get algae, you cannot treat for staining. You must always kill and remove all algae first, otherwise the staining will return once the FC is increased.
- An elevated, uncontrolled FC and pH can cause staining to get worse, so keep those under control.
- You have maybe 45-60 days of season left right? You might consider waiting until the water temp drops then do an Ascorbic Acid treatment before closing, or do it early next spring. The cold water will reduce the likelihood of algae growing during the AA process.
- The more iron you remove, the better you can manage all the other chemical parameters without changes to the water or staining.

Give all of that and the links below a look and let us know if you still have questions.

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