New TF-100 refills no expiration date on repackaged reagents?


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Jul 31, 2015
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I know they say to buy new reagents every year, BUT...

Taylor R-009 and R-0010 do NOT degrade
Some last for 2 years like R-0007, R-0012, and R-0013.
Some last for 12 months or 15 months

But, all dates depend on when the reagent was manufactured and how it is stored. I keep my test kit in a dark cabinet inside the house, so my reagents seem to last 2-3-4 years for most of them. I tested my pool with the new reagents and the old reagents and the outcomes were identical. Some of my reagents expired in 2019, so I must be keeping them in a great place. I know they could expire at any time, so I am glad I have the new ones. There is no point in trashing reagents that are still accurate.

So, I got my new refills today from TFTTestkits, and the reagents that were repackaged have NO expiration dates, but the ones that were not repackaged DID have expiration dates. I had to add labels on the bottles with my purchase date and I had to look up the suggested expiration dates and label them. I though that TFTTestkits always put expiration dates on the reagents. Am I wrong?


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Nov 26, 2020
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I support your point of view. I purchased the TF100 Test kit and the repackaged bottles had no dates on them. All you got was assurance that the reagents were good for a year from purchase. I also bought the four calibrated test solutions and confirmed that my three years out-of-date Taylor reagents were spot on while a couple of the new repackaged TF100 reagents were not. The TF100 reagent that was too far off looked like it delivered smaller volume drops. TF Test Kits did replace the bad reagent but did not send a replacement calibrated test solution that I had wasted determining that the TF100 test kit had problems.
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